Members of Groups S, 1, 2, F, and C train on Saturday mornings, Swim Training on Sunday lunch time and we also offer a weekly swim session to members of Groups F and C as set out below.

Athletes training group  is dependant on their racing category which is by year of birth, not school year.  The training groups are as follows:

Group Born in Race Category

Saturday Training 
Carver Barracks
Bike /Run

Lord Butler
Group S 2014 TriStart 8.30am to 10.30am 1.00 pm -2.00 pm
Group 1 2013 or 2012 Tristar 1 8.30am to 10.30am 1.00 pm -2.00 pm
Group 2 2011 or 2010 Tristar 2 8.30am to 10.30am  2.00 pm -3.00 pm
Group F   2004 to 2009 Tristar 3i,ii, Youth &  Junior 8.30am to 10.30am 2.00 pm -3.00 pm
Group C 2008 or earlier Tristar 3ii, Youth & Junior 8.30am to 10.30am 2.00 pm -3.00 pm

Kit Checklist

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Kit Needed for Training

Given the early starts it is advisable to get ready the night before. You will need to bring the following:

For Swimming:

  • Club swimming costume (or Tri Suit) and club swim hat
  • Swimming goggles. (please check it fits in advance)
  • Drinks bottle
  • Towel

For Cycling:

  • Mountain or Road Bike (please check tyres are pumped up and there are no punctures, the brakes and gears work and the seat height is correct)
  • Cycle Helmet. (you will NOT be allowed to ride without one so DON'T FORGET it please)
  • Gloves – small hands get very cold on a bike
  • Warm water proof clothes and running shoes
  • Drinks bottle

For Running:

  • Warm waterproof clothing
  • Running shoes
  • Cycle Helmet (we use them for transition practice even when you are not cycling)
  • Drinks bottle

Don't forget any inhalers!