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Welcome to the WaldenJNR results page. You should be able to find all the results from the key junior races held in the Eastern Region since the start of 2015. If you have any corrections to data held on this page please tell Wallace at

2017 Club Championship Leaderboard

after Clacton Duathlon and Triathlon

If you have a query regardsing the leaderboard please contact Wallace to let him know #RaceLikeWallace

Age GroupPositionFemaleMale
Tristart1Daisy HatteeRaphael Buchallet
Tristart2Sofia HarrisAndrew De Koning
Tristart3Phoebe GoodaleRufus Jenner
Tristar 11Grace WardleEdward Taylor
Tristar 12Evie StringerHenry Hilling
Tristar 13Hettie RobsonEdward Ormsby
Tristar 21Kitty HillingJake Latham
Tristar 22Belle HowardFreddie Wardle
Tristar 23Beth ArisLewis Buchallet
Tristar 31Millie RobsonJames Fraser
Tristar 32Rebecca WestElliot Wood
Tristar 33Sasha ClarkScott Slater
Youth1Helena DyceJack Stanton-Stock
Youth2Ciara BroomfieldLuhan Bely
Youth3Abigail KerrNathan Wright
Junior1Annabel HuntPeter Cooke
Junior2Mael Bely
Junior3George Rogers

2017 Open Race Results

Please use the upload button for each race to submit pictures taken. Once approved they will be added to the WaldenJNR Flickr account or used by the club in line with the club's photography policy.

Date Event Photos
30 Sept 2017 Clacton Children's Duathlon and Youth Triathlon
17 Sept 2017 Cambridge Aquathlon
13 Aug 2017 Hoddesdon Tri Club’s Triathlon
29 July 2017 Tri Sport Epping (Upminster) Triathlon
23 July 2017 Kimbolton Junior Triathlon
22 July 2017 Ipswich Junior Triathlon
19 July 2017 Discovery Open Water Triathlon/Aquathlon
8 July 2017 Leighton Buzzard Kids Triathlon
2 July 2017 West Suffolk Junior Triathlon
25 Jun 2017 Rob McLean Triathlon
17 Jun 2017 Norwich Kids Triathlon
10 Jun 2017 East Essex Triathlon
4 Jun 2017 WaldenJNR Triathlon
6 May 2017 Infinity Aquathlon
9 April 2017 Basildon Aquathlon
8 April 2017 Tri Sport Epping (Upminster) Aquathlon
12 March 2017 Bedford Autodrome Duathlon

East Region Results Database

Click on the buttons above to see all of the results, from the Eastern Regional League, IRC, and other established junior races. You will be able to select results by athlete, club, race and gender. 

The database now includes the Clacton Duathlon and Triathlon Results

The current databases contain:

  2017 2016 2015
Races 17 18 16
Results 3019 3038 2784

2016 Club Championship Results

The final Club Championship results are set out below. 120 members took part in at least 1 race and 59 members competed in the maximum scoring limit of 4 races. In total there were 438 individual race performances making for a highly competitive and well fought Club Championships. Well done to all who took part.

Full Positions here

Agre Group Pos Female Points Male Points
Tristart 1 Evie Stringer 41,500 Edward Taylor 41,500
Tristart 2 Grace Wardle 41,017 Freddy Howard 39,218
Tristart 3 Rose Denyer 37,215 Thomas Peters 37,348
Tristar 1 1 Marnie Dunlop 40,058 Lewis Buchallet 41,500
Tristar 1 2 Millie Denyer 37,957 Freddie Wardle 41,343
Tristar 1 3 Darcey Stanton-Stock 35,114 Thomas Dyster 34,298
Tristar 2 1 Innes Dunlop 41,436 Jake Latham 41,393
Tristar 2 2 Amelie Maris 39,376 Elliot Wood 36,980
Tristar 2 3 Millie Robson 39,233 Tobin Sari 36,864
Tristar 3 1 Helena Dyce 41,500 Jack Stanton-Stock 41,500
Tristar 3 2 Ciara Broomfield 39,500 James Fraser 38,910
Tristar 3 3 Emma Sarginson 36,419 Luhan Bely 38,491
Youth 1 Annabel Hunt 40,632 Maël Bely 41,077
Youth 2 Georgia Bozianu 34,583 Nathan Wright 39,843
Youth 3 Isla Yarrow 18,199 George Rogers 39,673

The individual scores are listed below. It shows the number of scoring races (maximum of 4 races count) completed. If you wish to see the scores for each race then you can see them by searching our Eastern Region Results Database where you can see all the results for any Eastern Region Triathlete in one place.

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