Course Map

The course for 2017 WaldenJNR Triathlon is the same as last year. It is designed to make the most of the fabulous grounds of the Walden School (see directions) and be very spectator friendly. Car parking could not be closer to the race and there are three main spectator areas.

The swim takes place in the school's Victorian 25 yard pool, so distances will about 10% shorter than normal.  There will be a mixture of wave and snake swims and this will be determined once the number of competitors in each age category is known.

There is short run to a very spacious transition area with number allocated racking. The transition area is designed to be fair to all regardless of racking position.

The bike course is mainly flat, but will favour those with good cornering skills and who make best use of gears.

The run is flat, has a few twists and turns and includes the picturesque avenue of trees at the back of the school. There is a water station half way around the course and competitors must collect a rubber band each lap. Runners will feel well supported especially as they approach the finish. 

The race distances are:

Age Group Swim Bike Run
TriStart (born in 2009) 50y (2 lengths) 800m (1 lap) 600m (1 lap)
TriStar 1 (born in 2007 and 2008) 150y (6 lengths) 2km (2 laps) 1200m (2 laps)
TriStar 2 (born in 2005 and 2006) 200y (8 lengths) 4km (4 laps) 1800m (3 laps)
TriStar 3 (born in 2003 and 2004) 300y (12 lengths) 6km (6 laps) 2400m (4 laps)
Youths (born in 2001 and 2002) 300y (12 lengths) 6km (6 laps) 2400m (4 laps)

WaldenJNR Triathlon 2016 Course Map

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