Attendance Policy

As a competitive Triathlon club for young people we are dedicated to ensuring that members get the very best out of their membership.  Regular training is essential to maintain and improve technique and fitness – and to maximise the opportunity to do well in competitions.  Training with friends also provides an essential social aspect to sport.

Of course we understand that members will not be able to attend every session, for a host of reasons, such as injuries, competing in events, triathlon or others, or playing in team sports, and we support our members taking part in a wide variety of activities.

However we have a long waiting list, and if your child is only going to attend one or two sessions per half term it really isn’t fair on those who are keen to join, and have to wait until a space becomes available.  Plus of course you cannot be your best if you don’t train


Attendance expectations

  • Members should try to attend as many training sessions as they can.
  • Members should arrive early and be ready to train 5mins before the scheduled start time.
  • Members should notify the Group Head Coach at the start of the training session if they are carrying an injury or if they need to leave the session early.
  • Members are expected to have a rolling attendance of 70% of possible sessions

Communication of Absence

  • Parents should contact the Group Head Coach in advance of training to let them know that the training will be missed.  This can be done by email – for example group 2 is  Please go to the Group pages on the website for your group email.
  • Parents should contact the Head Coach if there is an expectation that attendance will fall below 50% for a period of time.  The Head Coach can be emailed at

It is really valuable to us to know if you can’t make it and to know why, so please do try. We work incredibly hard to give your children the best possible triathlon training – and if they miss it then keeping them in with the rest of the group becomes much more difficult.